Box pallet Type EcoLine 650, Solid with dolly



Light Grey 103

Blue UM 135

Green 138
More colors are available for three containers and up. Contact us to find out more.
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Type 800 with Stackable Wheels

Type 1000 with stackable wheels

Type 800 X 800 with attached wheels


Tap for liquids


Hopper opening - special door on the botom of the box

Corners attached with plastic pins

Corners attached with metal staples
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Black hot stamp on grey boxes

Light grey box with Red hot stamp

Light grey box with Blue hot stamp

Blue Box and White hot stamp

Light grey box with Green hot stamp

Blue box and Yellow hot stamp

Blue box and Gold hot stamp

Embossed logo on type 1000 - Dolav

Embossed logo on 1000-ACE - customer

Embossed logo on 1000-ACE - customer

Numbers and hot stamp on Tri Hi

Gold numbering and logo

Numeration - black on yellow
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Cat. Number 1900070000

Dimensions inside Dimensions Outside
Length (mm) 1120 1216
Width (mm) 720 818
Height (mm) 816 1134
Volume (Liter) 652
Tare Weight (kg) 47.50
Max Load (kg) 350
Quantity in Container 20ft 40ft 40hc
Units 25 55 69

Dimension Tolerance +- 1% . Weight Tolerance: + -3%
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