Wheel options

Type 800 with Stackable Wheels
Type 1000 with stackable wheels
Type 800 X 800 with attached wheels
Stackable wheels (on special stackable lid)
Nylon 5" standard wheel
Nylon 5"' wheel with brake

Drainage options

Tap for liquids
Hooper opening
Hopper opening - special door on the botom of the box
opening for liner with tap
Drainage in pocket

Door options

Special door - short side (type 800)
Bolt door
Removable Door - Full size
Special door


Corners attached with plastic pins
Corners attached with metal staples

Locks and hinges

Lock for boxs and attached lids
Plastic clasps and "palziv"
flexible strips closings

Metal parts

Box pallet type 1000 with metal runners
Box pallet type 1120, sl with metal reinforcments
Metal flet runners
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