Kelloggs Recycling Success

Kellogg's Manchester product-packing factory has achieved a significant waste reduction and recycling success. They are well on track to achieve zero landfill target by 2015 - or even earlier.

Kellogg's have adopted Dolav reusable pallet bins and is now saving money on a number of product lines. All of Kellogg's Corn Flakes, Rice Crispies, Frosties, Crunchy Nuts and CoCo Pops sold in the UK and Ireland are put in packets in Manchester.


Kelloggs ACE being emptied on a fork lift with rotating head

Their recycling process is started by their packers who separate the plastic inner liner - or carton or food waste - into line-side Dolav Ace bins. Using Dolav Ace containers, non-food waste is forklift-tipped into
recycling skips.

Significantly, this marks the end of compacting for landfill and closes the gap for Kellogg reaching zero landfill target for food packaging waste.

Kellogg now sends any food waste to animal food production and recycles corrugated board waste.

Already this has yielded benefits:

o In one year Kellogg increased packaging waste recycling from 45% through 60%nearing 80%
o Total waste is reduced by one quarter.
o Financial benefits come from reduced tonnage to landfill
o By recycling, Kellogg earns a rebate to offset its already reducing landfill tax.