More payload, less weight and cost with Dolav ACE


DFA has invested in 832 Dolav Ace plastic pallet boxes. Made from HDPE, they have solid base and walls. DFA transports between 20 and 200 tonnes of plaice each week, depending on size of catch, in Dolav boxes from its huge cold store sites in Thyborøn, Hvide Sande and Thorsminde to customers in Denmark, Germany and Holland with some 500 kilos in each box.

"When the DFA Internet auction is finished we sort the fish into Dolav boxes and export the fish in them mostly for filleting. Danish Fish Auctions is very happy with the Dolav box quality. We don't need the insulation because the high-speed cool chain today is so good and so fast."

"The Dolav box lasts us as long as the old insulated boxes and have the advantage that we don't get contamination into the insulation material in the middle of the box wall. If we do have a broken Dolav box it would be very easy to repair before it goes back into production," said Michael Lodahl.