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Customers without an account are now placing orders at Dolav UK using credit cards. Account-customers can also easily purchase additional top-up quantities, as and when it suits without a purchase order.

If it is a standard product in one of six standard colours Dolav UK can deliver very quickly from its substantial UK stocks of the Dolav Ace plastic pallet boxes and lids. 

Dolav UK has introduced this credit card-based, easy-to-pay facility, via PayPal, so Dolav and its customers know that their payment is instant and do not have to say "the cheque is in the post" and Dolav has confirmed and immediate payment so it can deliver straight away.

"No worries! No waiting! Just a phone call and the Dolavs can be on their way. Customers like it and so do we," said Maria Plastow, general manager at Dolav UK.

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