• Dolav makes the DOLAV ACE, Classic & Type 800 plastic pallet boxes, the DFLC folding pallet box. Solid or perforated. Rigid boxes 9 colours, lids 7.


  • All FDA approved for direct contact with food. The Dolav ACE & Dolav DFLC are recognised by Campden BRI as having ‘hygienic design’.


  • Dolav has two new options for its plastic pallet boxes and a new hygienic folding pallet box for food processors.


  • Foreign object detection of Dolav plastic is enabled by magnetic material particles added to Dolav HDPE in production.


  • Built-in hygiene with a mineral, added in manufacture, helps with permanent protection from bacterial contamination for the life of the Dolav.


  • The new hygienic Dolav DFLC, a folding large container (FLC) is designed for the food industry and seen as The Folding Dolav Ace. It can include both of the two new options.