More payload, less weight and cost with Dolav Ace

Dolav Box pallets introduction


Dolav Hot Die Stamping Pallet Boxes

Nesting 3-into-2 Dolavs 

Keeping it 'Cat 3 Clean' and Profitable with the Dolav Ace

Dolav Abuse Test

Drop, crush, spike and rotating tests on Dolav ACE


Dolav Ace on Forks

Dolav box pallets have no parts to pull out when being rotated on a fork lift truck. They are a one piece moulding.


Dolav Lid Test

fork lift Abuse on a Dolav Lid


Dolav Repair

Short guide on how to repair Dolavs using plastic welding.


Dolav Sims Lead-Acid Battery Recycling

Battery ACE in use at Sims.


RWM Show Reel 2013


Tried, Tested and Proven Wins At Cranswick

Dolavs in use at Cranswick

Waste Paper Handling

Emptying paper in an ACE Dolav.

World Efficiency